Cultivation of qualified research personnel

   Since its founding, AADRI has cultivated a number of experts and researchers specializing in Asian and African issues, and has widely incorporated scholars and experts from the government, universities, research institutions, and enterprises in the study of relevant research projects. It has built up a research team composed of professional research fellows and guest researchers with specialized knowledge on Asian and African affairs.


  Fruitful research findings

   AADRI has made thorough studies on major issues of government concern related to Asia-Africa politics, economy and social life and has come up with a variety of fruitful research findings. Some of the research findings have been referred to in the formulation of relevant policies and regulations, playing positive roles in social and economic life.


  Promotion of international cooperation and exchanges

  AADRI lays emphasis on enhancing the international cooperation and exchanges through establishing contacts with international organizations, renowned universities, and  research  institutions. It  has  now set up frequent and regular exchanges and cooperation with various research institutions and organizations from more than 100 countries and regions.


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